The best PlayStation 2 video games

The Shadow of the Titan

The greatest video game, a masterpiece of all times and also of peoples, which only gets better with time. The gameplay contains only fights with bosses, which, nevertheless, still need to be located one way or another in the zones rather t vast of the game’s globe. The battles themselves are truly challenging with platforming, racing, and finding vulnerabilities. The measurements of some managers are really colossal, and indeed you have to climb them for a long time and also meticulously to stick the sword in the Achilles tendon. ‘ heel. Moreover, the game has a haunting ambience of a doomed world, and the captivating music will definitely stay in your memory. Here you will find emulators are special tools that allow you to play retro games on modern computers and smartphones.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Amazing role-playing game with several unique gameplay elements. In addition to conventional JRPG fights with monsters as well as bosses, in Personality 3 the player will definitely have to go to; school, taking exams and also identifying how to spend free time at night – all this will definitely influence personality attributes. Below is the original card system with mobilized creatures that can be crossed and thus also get new creatures. Personality 4 has also been released. launched on the PlayStation 2, which ended up being even better than its predecessor. However, Personality 3 has a considerable advantage over the fourth part: the faithful have completely assimilated it; to Russian.

Quiet hill 2

Black horror, considered one of the best exponents of the style of all time. The plot here is a true work of art, as well as the aesthetic part with an unclear city and a bunch of horrible monsters is impressive to see. this day. Quiet Hillside 2 is a timeless standard that every spooky survival fan (and not only) should touch. Yes, and in the game there is up to six radically different ends, which depend on the actions of the character throughout the stream.

Steel Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

A perfect stealth action from Hideo Kojima, the owner of the Steel Equipment collection. Occasions will certainly send the player to a through the Cold War, and the activity itself will certainly take place in thick forests, full of all kinds of dangers. The gameplay is really varied; : imperceptible movements, survival, fights with ordinary opponents, unforgettable boss battles, and also, certainly, a powerful narrative, combined to cinematic cutscenes. Snake Eater was actually qualified Best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by numerous magazines.

God of War II

The second part of the adventures of the relentless Kratos is not without thought factor; one of the most effective and stunning PlayStation 2 ready. This slasher quite simply squeezes all the graphical juice out of the console. And in addition to a great image, the game offers adrenaline-filled gameplay as well as a large number of fights with various managers from ancient Greek folklore.

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