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Still, with Microsoft essentially giving it away to existing users, that will salve some of the pain. The downside of this is that, shiny new UI aside, Windows 11 looks an awful lot like the Sun Valley Windows 10 update we thought it would be. And that kinda takes some of the shine from the release of something purporting to be a whole new version of the Windows operating system. While this backtrack is a good move, it remains a fact that Microsoft made a choice there that even Apple hasn’t done with Safari on macOS. Hopefully, Microsoft doesn’t make any more such moves to push its own services that will negatively impact the user-friendless of Windows. If you already have Windows 10 installed, here’s how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

When CMD program appears right-click on it and then select “Run as administrator”. Digital entitlement is a new method of activation in Windows 10 that doesn’t require you to enter a product key. In addition to the Windows Activation, the 0x80072F8F error code will also appear in Windows Update and Microsoft Store. Definitely, there are many other errors that may occur during the Windows activation process. If you bought a digital copy of Windows 10 from the Microsoft online store — not the Windows Store app — your product key will be included in the confirmation email you received after paying. You know very well that you cannot change wallpapers, windows colors and themes the way you want on an unactivated Windows 10 because the personalization settings is greyed out.

Press the Windows key + Shift + S or the Snipping Tool key if it is present on your laptop keyboard. If the Snipping Tool key is a function key, you may also need to press the Fn key. Check the Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive option under Screenshots. Another great thing about PicPick is that it allows you to set your own custom hot keys for all of its capture features. And it includes an editor that’s much more robust than Snip & Sketch resources so you can draw colorful boxes or circles around the areas of the image you want to highlight.

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Windows 11 is Microsoft’s successor to Windows 10 desktop operating system and it was announced on June 24. Besides, you are going to learn the way to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. If you lose data after updating Windows 11, download and run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover lost and deleted files after Windows 11 upgrade.

Moreover, if you look for Windows 10 activators, you will find a number of different tools are available. But it is not feasible to anticipate their genuineness by just looking at them. You need to be careful enough before installing any such activator for Windows 10.

  • It can serve a variety of uses, such as creating receipts, capturing information from your computer, and even allowing you to resize images.
  • But still, they are basically offering millions of users the “upgrade” free.
  • Windows 10 was first introduced to the market with a one-year free upgrade offer.

Microsoft is bringing some features from its Xbox consoles to Windows 11. Microsoft revealed Windows 11 during an online event on Thursday. The announcement comes almost six years after the introduction of Windows 10, which is the world’s most widely used PC operating system, with over 1.3 billion devices using it.

Get Mac OS X’s App Dock on Your Windows PC

A dockable PC is allowed three extra changes beyond a non-dockable PC before reactivation is required. In Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2003 R2, after a grace period of 30 days, the operating system cannot be used at all until the activation process is completed successfully. Make sure you favorite audio enhancement software eg. MaxxAudio Master will work in Windows 10 or you’ll be sorry you upgraded.

How to take a screenshot of a menu (on Mac)

You will buy thinking it’s a good deal only to realize you were just scammed. That is why you should always buy directly from Microsoft or authorized dealers only. These are just some of the key features that you would be missing. And the Windows dev team is constantly working on new features that you will never receive because you can’t download updates either. Click Yes at the User Account Control prompt to open the command window with elevated privileges.

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